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    Top 10 Facts About Hackintosh

    It is only okay to be wondering what this new piece of popular hardware called the “Hackintosh” is. You may go ahead and surf Apple’s website or try to look around other electronics supply stores to figure out what it is. However, you will only find your answer on articles like these.

    The Hackintosh is a computer built together with various parts and has the Apple Mac OS X installed on it as an operating system. Most of these computers are built with normal desktop parts, making it a very interesting creation. Here are the top ten facts about the Hackintosh which would help you as a beginner:

    1. Apple but Not Apple

    The Hackintosh is Apple but not Apple. It is built with parts from all over the place from different companies and suppliers. However, its main operating system is the Apple Mac OS X. This allows you to customize your desktop with Apple’s operating system. When buying Apple products, you rarely have such an option.

    2. Cost-Effective

    One of the main reasons people go ahead with building a Hackintosh is money. It serves as a cost-effective way to experience the Apple operating system. By opting for a Hackintosh, you will be able to save over half the price that you pay for an Apple computer. The individual parts that the Apple computers are comprised of cost much less if you purchase them separately and put them together. This drops the cost tremendously and allows one to experience owning an Apple computer without having to pay the whole price. All that you require is effort to build up a Hackintosh.

    3. Parts Upgrade

    By having individual parts that you put together to build the Hackintosh, you become its creator. This gives you the power and ability to upgrade and change parts of the computer whenever necessary. You have not only the power but also the freedom. With an Apple computer, you become limited with what can be upgraded and what cannot, and you have to choose from a specified list of specs which cannot go your way. With the Hackintosh, you decide your own RAM, processor, hard drive, etc. Furthermore, you get to change any part at any time. This also reduces costs as mentioned in an earlier point.

    4. The Best of Both Worlds

    People would consider buying an Apple computer and installing Windows on it to be a huge victory. I think if you can build up a Hackintosh with your specifications and both Windows and Mac OS X, then you definitely have the best of both worlds. This gives you the power to boot up your own system and have the option to choose either Windows or Mac OS to boot into. Having both the operating systems on one machine is definitely a win-win situation.

    5. Gaming World

    If you are a true gamer and have been actively part of the gaming world, you would know that Windows would beat Macs any day when it comes to gaming. Not only are most games produced for Windows, but Macs are not equipped with the graphics abilities to handle high-performance gaming. The Hackintosh allows you access to the gaming world as you get to choose which graphics card you install. On top of that, you can have both operating systems on the Hackintosh laptop which enables you to switch to Windows whenever you feel like playing a game.

    6. Not So Simple and Pretty

    Along with the positives come some cons. The Hackintosh may seem like the ideal and perfect computer in the world, but it is not that simple. There is no brand design or “image” attached to the Hackintosh, and there is an abundance of cables and boxes lying around which you have to deal with. You have the keyboard, mouse, CPU, monitors, speakers, etc. The Hackintosh will definitely provide the best software, but you still have to experience the bulky and unappealing hardware that it comes with.

    7. Software Updates

    Given that the Hackintosh is not a real Mac, it also does not get to enjoy the real Mac updates instantly. You do not get the luxury of automatically updating the operating system whenever an update is released. In fact, updates are your biggest enemy. You have to fear them as they may damage your system and result in unnecessary problems. It is also recommended to stay on lower versions on the Hackintosh. If you do have to update, do it with great care and research.

    8. No Customer Support Service

    Unfortunately, the Hackintosh also prevents you from obtaining any sort of official customer support service or, specifically, Apple support. Given that you are not officially registered with Apple, you have to handle your tech issues on your own. This tends to be a problem for those who become impatient with technology and require instant solutions. If you are such a person, then the Hackintosh might not be your best friend. However, if you are interested in technology and IT, you may be able to get along with the Hackintosh.

    9. No Apple Side Feature

    With Apple products come Apple side features which are fun and appealing. These could be FaceTime, Wallet, iCloud, or anything else. However, with the Hackintosh, you do not get to enjoy the luxury of having these Apple features.

    10. Community of Builders

    What you do get when you choose to be part of the Hackintosh world is a beautiful community of creative builders. You can find online forums where other people who have created a Hackintosh are available for help, support, and advice.


    The Hackintosh is definitely a game changer in the tech world, offering you the best of both worlds. It is a great learning experience to build your own computer and design it from scratch with your own requirements. If you are someone looking to explore the tech world creatively, the Hackintosh will be a good option!

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    Top 10 Sad Songs About Missing Someone You Love

    I'll Be Missing You by Puff Daddy & Faith EvansWhen people feel down, they start searching for ways which can help them feel better. After all, who wants to stay sad and cry all day long? We all want and deserve to be happy, right? Some people hang out with their friends to forget the reason for their sadness, while others prefer sleeping all day long. Some others find happiness in snacking excessively and taking out time to treat themselves. Other than that, there are some people who feel better after listening to sad songs, especially when they miss someone.

    This is crazy, you are missing someone, feeling down, and preferring listening to sad music. Doesn’t it all make you more miserable? The truth is that it won’t. According to various research, people do feel better after listening to sappy ballads. It’s true that these blue tunes make us calm and create positive feelings such as peacefulness. Nevertheless, when we miss someone and switch to music, it makes us cry too, which helps in healing as crying is cathartic.

    So you see how sad songs help us release the burden that we sometimes carry. If you too want to add some decent sad songs to your playlist so that you can give them a shot whenever sadness befalls, don’t look anywhere else because here are our favorite top 10 sad songs about missing someone you love.

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    1. “Here Without You” by 3 Doors Down

    Here Without You by 3 Doors Down


    It is a beautiful yet sad song about being away from the person you love. If you dig into this song more deeply, you will come to know that it isn’t truly a sad song but a bit of a happy one. This song says that you are here without the person you miss, but they are always with you in your dreams. So as it turns out, it is about being in a state of peace since you have got the person with you in your heart, which will help you feel better.

    Apart from this, according to Todd Harrell (3 Doors Down’s bassist), Here Without You is more like a song for military personnel as they put their lives in danger and live far away from their loved ones, so they can relate to it more.

    2. “When You’re Gone” by Avril Lavigne

    When You’re Gone by Avril Lavigne

    This song is about when you have to say goodbye to someone you love and when the departure happens, you start missing all the little things about them. Even the video of this song clearly depicts different stories such as a husband who is going off to war, leaving his pregnant wife alone at home; an old man who has lost his wife, so he visits her gravestone; and a teenage couple who aren’t permitted to be together. No doubt about it, this song is a very personal one and anyone who has suffered the loss of their loved ones or had to say goodbye to them for any reason can get a lot of things out of it.

    3. “Who Knew” by Pink

    Who Knew by Pink

    This song is regarding losing a person you love to drugs. Sadly, she wrote this song for her very dear friend who died at a very young age from overdosing. In this song, Pink describes the unsurprising relationship dynamics in which everything falls apart all of a sudden, and you don’t know what went wrong because you strongly felt that your love was meant to last forever. Pink remembers how people used to tell her that the person she loves will be gone after a few years, but she never listened to them. At the end of this song, however, she realizes that they were all right. Now she won’t forget her friend until they meet again i.e. in heaven.

    4. “Miss You” by Aaliyah

    Miss You" by Aaliyah

    If you are into R&B and looking for a song about missing someone, Aaliyah’s Miss You is what you need. This song is about how much she misses the man she loves who has now left her. She says that she wonders all the time whether he is still the same and if his heart is still hers. She sings about how hard it is for her to live because she is lost without him, but she is trying to make it somehow. This song is all about the consequences one has to go through after the person that they think would never leave abandons them.But that’s just one part of the story. The saddest thing about this amazing song is that it will let you miss not only the person that you’ve lost but also the Queen of R&B Aaliyah herself, who died in a plane crash.

    5. “Wake Me Up When September Ends”by Green Day

    Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day

    Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead vocalist of Green Day, wrote this song for his father who died of cancer on 1st September. In this heartbreaking song, Billie says that as autumn enters or September starts, you deal with the harsh realities of life that you have almost forgotten in the blissful months of summer. He sings that time is passing by so quickly since his father passed away that thinking about his memories is becoming less hurtful over time, but that doesn’t mean that he’ll ever be able to forget what he has lost.

    6. “Where’d You Go”by Fort Minor

    Where’d You Go by Fort Minor

    This song is written by Mike Shinoda, the front man of Fort Minor. He penned this song for those people who are always traveling and hardly meet their loved ones. It is from the perspective of those family members and friends who stay at home and keep missing them. According to Mike, everyone writes songs about being on the road and missing the people at home, so he wanted to do something from the opposite perspective. This song is brimmed with the feelings we experience when somebody we love goes far away for extended periods of time.

    7. “What Hurt the Most” by Rascal Flatts

    What Hurt the Most by Rascal Flatts

    By now, it is one of the most heartbreaking songs that Rascal Flatts has ever written in its career. The lyrics of this song descriptively gives an explanation of how much it hurts when you lose someone whether he/she is your family member, friend, or a boy/girlfriend. It reflects on the time when you no longer have your close companion, and now you just can’t say all the things you want to say to them. It depicts two people who were extremely close to each other before one left.

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    8. “The One That Got Away” by Katy Perry

    The One That Got Away by Katy Perry

    This song is about someone you love without ever having a clue that you would lose them in the end. It displays how Katy and the guy she loves are dating happily and planning their future, but after some time, they get into an argument and the guy breaks up with her and gets into an accident while driving. So she is regretting all the things she said and did and wishes that she could turn back time. She feels remorseful about everything that went wrong between them and now that many years have been passed, she still misses him very much.

    9. “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd

    Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

    This song was written for an ex-member of Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, who departed from the band because of his mental illness. It is about the person that you love and have respect for who ends up choosing a wrong path and starts believing that they know better than anyone else. You even try to tell them that what they are doing is wrong or that they should think twice, but due to their mental impairment, they listen to nobody and hurt themselves at the end. Throughout the song, Roger Waters and David Gilmour sing about how much they miss their former band member and how much they wish that he was here with them.

    10. “I’ll Be Missing You” by Puff Daddy & Faith Evans

    I'll Be Missing You by Puff Daddy & Faith Evans

    Puff Daddy wrote this song as a tribute to his friend The Notorious B.I.G., who was tragically murdered. In this song, he says that how he wakes up every single morning wishing all of this to be a dream since it is hard for him to keep going with his life without his best friend. This song goes out to everyone who has lost a person that is near and dear to them just like him.Apart from this, throughout the song, he keeps remembering the time he had with his friend like how they both used to rock the show and had so much fun together. Diddy is giving a message to everyone through this song that once you lose someone you love or someone you’re close to, your life completely changes and it becomes very hard to move on because that’s what happened with him.

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    Top 25 Free Online and Mobile Music Downloader 2017

    music download

    music download

    Music is considered to be the perfect way to pass time. It serves to relax your mind and ensures that you do not get bored due to the lack of any activity to occupy your time.

    It is often said that if you are tired and looking for ways via which you can get rid of all your stress, opt for some music and you will feel the tension ebbing away. The best thing about music is that there are plenty of options depending on the kind of mood you are in.

    While the internet does make things feasible, there are quite a few dangers that one needs to be cautious about as well. Access to one wrong site can make things difficult for you as there are many dangers looming out there. With a wrong site, a virus can enter your system, causing it to crash.

    There are different types of gadgets out there, so it depends on which device you want to download your music to. Are you looking for a music downloader for Android? Or are you looking for means via which you can get free music downloads for computer or laptops? Perhaps it is the best music downloader for iOS devices that you are on the lookout for. We have compiled a list catering to all these requirements and are going to provide you with a list of the best options that you will find to get free MP3 downloads music.

    To ensure that things are accessible to you with ease, we have divided the article into three sections with a list of online downloads and for Android as well as iOS. We are going to provide you with reliable and legal sites that you can use with ease along with the apps that you can use on different gadgets.


    Free Music Downloader For PC 2017

    Online music downloader

    Let us commence with the discussion by first shedding some light on legal free music downloads. These are the sites that offer you the feature of free music download without any membership. Hence, there are no hassles involved. All that you need to do is open the site via your computer or laptop and you will be able to use it to attain the music that you have been looking for.

    Before we move ahead to provide you an insight into the best websites that you can use to get free music downloads, we feel it prudent to mention that you should not resort to downloading any audio file that would fall in the line of copyright infringement. You should ensure that you use the information we share with you to acquire access to copylefted music and tracks alone. Let us now discuss some of the options when it comes to an MP3 music downloader.

    1. BeeMP3

    If you are looking for means via which you could attain free MP3 music downloads without signing up, BeeMP3 will not let you down. It has the feature of a search engine with as many as 1 million MP3s encrypted in it. Thus, you can use the platform to gain access to a large variety of songs and that too completely free of cost. BeeMP3 is a platform that you can use without having to worry about any virus or bugs gaining access to your system. It is a safe and reliable website that will cater to your love of music without putting your computer system into any sort of danger.  VISIT HERE

    2. MP3Raid

    Sometimes, we are looking for songs that have a distinguished character. We want a place that would have thousands of options available which would increase the chances of finding our favorite songs. One such option that offers you totally free burnable music downloads and has a large library is MP3Raid. It has a search engine on the net that provides millions of MP3 downloads. It is highly unlikely that you would not get what you are looking for when you make use of this website. VISIT HERE

    3. MP3Skull

    MP3Skull music download offers you a lot of feasibility in listening and downloading music. It has a multimillion database which you can use to acquire access to quality MP3 links. Thus, listening to your favorite songs and subsequently downloading them would become a piece of cake for you if you make use of it. With MP3Skull, you can be certain that you are dealing with legal options that would not land you in any kind of trouble and allow you to enjoy music with ease. VISIT HERE

    4. EMP3World

    Among the various free music download sites available, this is another one in which you can place your faith. Not only does it offer quality music that can be downloaded with ease, but it also makes it a whole lot easier for you to find your favorite song. You will find it to be highly user-friendly. All that you would need to do is type in the artist or song name and you will be able to find the song that you have been looking for. VISIT HERE 

    5. MP3Fusion.net

    If you are looking for a reliable option which you can use to download music to your computer, this is one that you can use. It is a MP3 search engine that offers you links to free music downloads of the songs that you are looking for. The interface is user-friendly and you would have no trouble navigating through the site. With this site, you can get as many songs as you like without a single penny being charged for it. VISIT HERE

    Music Downloader For Android 2017

    Music Downloader For AndroidThese days, we tend to carry our phones with us at all times. By having our favorite songs downloaded in our phones, we can ensure that we enjoy good music while doing work or during our breaks. Smartphones make things easier as there are various apps that you can use to access music free of cost.

    Downloading music from free MP3 download sites tends to be a protracted process when it comes to smartphones as there are a lot of hassle involved with regards to pop-up ads and the sites taking ages to load. At such times, a free music downloader for Android can make things quite easy for you. Plenty of options are available among which we are going to shed some light on the best ones.

    6. iTube Music

    It is one of the most appealing options that you will find when it comes to MP3 music downloaders. In fact, it is among the most downloaded music apps in the Play Store, which provides an insight into its popularity and assures you of its reliability.

    The app is completely free and there is no involvement of in-app purchases. Thus, you can download it with a peace of mind and be assured that it will not let you down and would provide you access to free music with a lot of ease and feasibility.

    It is a music streaming and downloading app. You can locate your favorite music track that you have been looking for by going through the genres or by searching for the same.

    One important thing that you need to keep in mind is that the app is available for use on Android phones that are at least 4.1 Android versions.

    You will be impressed with the database of tracks that it has as it is quite huge. Hence, you will be able to find your favorite music with this app with a lot of ease and feasibility. Once you download this app, gaining access to your favorite music would not be a difficult task for you.  Download Here (Direct APK)

    7. 4Shared

    It can easily be deemed as one of the best apps for downloading music free of cost. In the past, a dedicated music app for 4Shared used to be a part of the Play Store, but that is no longer the case.

    However, you can download music free of cost from the normal 4Shared app with ease. To do so, all that you need to do is move to its music category. You will then have to enter the name of the song you are looking for or the artist who sang the song.

    You will then be presented with results related to your search. Furthermore, the app has appealing features such as that of a pre-installed music player, so you will be able to listen to the music you download from the app with ease.

    You can also use the app to listen to the music online as it offers you the feature of online free music streaming. It is easy to install and is completely free of cost, ensuring that you can use it with a lot of ease and feasibility. Download Here 

    8. SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

    This is another MP3 downloader for Android that would not let you down and would offer you the best features completely free of cost. While it is one of the best options available when it comes to 100% free music download, you need to keep in mind that you will not be able to find it in the Play Store.

    To find the track that you are looking for, you need to conduct a search using the name of the artist, album or song. You would then get a list of songs that match your search query.

    The app also offers you the opportunity to stream music online free of cost. Therefore, you can acquire a preview of the music track before downloading it to ensure that this is indeed what you were looking for. One of the most appealing features of this app is that it is available for old Android versions as well with the oldest version being Android 2.3. Hence, you can install this app with ease and use it to listen to your favorite songs free of cost.  Download Here (Third party app store)

    9. MP3 Music Download

    If you want an MP3 music download app that will get you music for free, this is among the best options that you will find. It is quite an interesting MP3 music downloader for Android that is provided with a plethora of exciting features.

    This includes a background downloading service along with a ring maker. You can use this app to download multiple kinds of music at the same time, which is not a feature that many apps tend to offer.

    As a result, you will be able to save up quite a bit of time with this app. To download the music from this app which is completely free of cost, all that you need to do is conduct a search for your favorite music track using the name of the song or artist.

    The app also offers you the feature of previewing the song before downloading it, which makes sure that you do not end up downloading the wrong tracks. To perform the download, you will need to click on the Download Track button and the song will be saved on your Android phone. You would then be able to listen to the song even when you have no internet connection.  Download Here 

    10. Tunee Music Downloader

    Another MP3 music downloader that offers you music completely free of cost is the Tunee Music Downloader. Although it has now been removed from the Play Store, this does not imply that you still cannot use it.

    You can use the app by downloading its APK from third-party sites with a lot of ease. With this app, you will be able to download high-quality MP3 music completely free of cost without running into any problems. It can easily be considered one of the most advanced apps that are available with regards to downloading music.

    To download your music, you can use the search bar to enter the artist or track name, and you will then be provided with results that match your search. You can locate the song that you were looking for and download it without any issues. Download Here (third party app store)

    11. Google Play Music

    When we talk about the best music downloader for Android, Google Play Music is one option that you cannot give a miss. It is one of the best options when it comes to free music downloads.

    It has more than 50,000 songs in its database, so you can be certain that you will not be disappointed when it comes to finding songs that you love. You can also use this app to discover and subsequently subscribe to podcasts. It is equipped with quite a few exciting features.

    For instance, it has the feature of Smart Recommendation that serves to recommend you the songs according to your taste by paying heed to the genre of songs that you like to listen to often. Reliability is not something that you will have an issue with when it comes to this app as it is developed by Google, which is known to ensure that user experience is maintained to the highest standards and the user does not get a reason to complain. Therefore, you can download this app now and enjoy free music with ease. Download Here 

    12. Skull MP3 Music Downloader Pro

    Another app that offers you the service of free MP3 music download is Skull MP3 Music Downloader Pro. It is one of the best apps when it comes to downloading music free of cost.

    This app has a search engine in place that allows you to conduct a search for your favorite music and will then provide you with the relevant results. It is also equipped with a default music player which you can use to listen to the music you downloaded without having to open the stock music player.

    It also offers you the opportunity to set any music track as your ringtone via the Set as Ringtone feature. As impressive as this app is, it is also a bit slow, so you might have to exhibit some patience while using it.  Download Here (third party app store)

    13. SoundCloud

    Download music from the SoundCloud app and you will not have to be disappointed. This is among the best options that you will find when it comes to streaming music for Android. Furthermore, you can use it to download your favorite tracks as well by making use of the Save as Offline feature.

    You can download music from SoundCloud without having to worry about your phone getting affected by it. However, the free version of this app has some ads, so if you are looking for an ad-free user experience, you will be required to pay a small amount.

    In this app, you can locate your favorite music by surfing through the genre section. You also have the option of using the search bar to find a song that you are on the lookout for. Download Here 

    14. Copyleft MP3 Downloader

    If you are on the lookout for a free music downloader that can be used to get free downloads of MP3 songs with ease and that you will be able to access via your file manager without any issues, this is an option that you will find to be rather appealing.

    With this app, you will be able to find any album, artist or song with a lot of ease as it is equipped with a search button. Furthermore, you can also use the app to stream your favorite music.

    However, the app is not available in the Play Store, so you will need to download it from a third-party site which should not pose any problem. You will be impressed with the feasibility and features that this app has to offer. Download Here (third party app store)

    15. Napster

    It is a relatively new yet popular app for free music downloads for Android. The app is provided with as many as 30 million MP3 tracks in its database, so you can be assured that you will be able to find your favorite music with ease.

    It is devoid of any ads and thus, you would not have to face any such issue while making use of it. You can use the app to enjoy free music with ease.

    You have the option of downloading the music, and you can also use it to stream music on your Android device without facing any issues whatsoever. It has quite a few impressive features such as Music Match, which finds songs that match your taste. The app is available to use in 34 countries, so make sure it is available in yours before downloading it. Download Here 

    16. Free MP3 Downloads

    It is a one-click music download app with which you can avail access to your favorite music in a jiffy. All that you will need to do is search for artist, album or name of the song.

    You will then be provided with the direct download link of the song. However, you need to keep in mind that this app does not offer you commercial music. Download Here 

    17. Music Paradise Pro Free Download

    It is a search engine that you can use to download short clips along with sound effects, song tones, and MP3 songs. Being very easy to use, you will find this app to be an impressive MP4 music downloader as well.

    The app has two tabs: Search and Library. You can conduct a search for any artist, album or song by using the search button and the song will be downloaded in the library section.

    The app has some pod apps which might annoy you, but on the whole, it is found to be quite impressive. You will not be able to find it on the Play Store, but you can easily download the APK of the app from a third party. You will find it to be worth it. Download Here (third party app store) 

    18. Radio Player by Audials

    While this is not exactly a music downloader app, it is an app that you can use to get your favorite songs with ease. This app has more than 10 thousand radio stations, so you can find your favorite song with no trouble.

    Once you have found the song that you were looking for, you can record it with ease. You will then be able to play it on any of your music players without any hindrance. Thus, it allows you to enjoy your favorite music with ease and feasibility without any financial input. Download Here 

    19. RockMyRun – Best Workout Music

    This is an app that narrows down your search. Most of us like to listen to music while working out and if you are looking for the best workout music, this is an app that you will find to be ideal. Using this app,

    you can save any music making use of its cache feature. Furthermore, it provides you with workout music from a number of genres such as drum, bass, rock and so on. You will find it to have a rather positive effect on your motivation while working out.

    The app is also equipped with a special feature which is called body driven music that you can use to adjust the tempo of the mixes to match your steps. Download Here  [ps2id id=’apple’ target=”/]

    20. Advanced Download Manager

    If you are looking for an MP4 music downloader that will allow you to download videos, programs and songs among other things, this is an app that you should give a try. With it, you will have to find the music download link and once you do so, the music will be downloaded instantly by using the special features that the app is provided with. Download Here 

    Music downloader for iOS 2017

    Music downloader for iOSLet us now move on to discuss some of the best music downloaders that are available to use with iPhones or iPad. iOS may have some restrictions as compared to Android or other such devices but not in this case.  iOS has some of the best music downloading apps freely available on the app store to download.

    Below you’ll see a small but working and up-to date list of apps for Apple.

    21. Freelegal – Free Music Downloads for iPhone

    With this app, you can download music free of cost with a lot of ease. The app can be downloaded on any iPhone as well as iPad and iPod among other Apple devices.

    The local library of the app offers you access to as many as 7 million MP3 songs, so you can be confident that you will be able to find the music you like with ease. The app has a user-friendly interface and thus, you will not face any issue in using it.

    You can use it to download different varieties of songs with a lot of ease without a single penny being charged for the same. To use the app, you need to download it and install it from the App Store. You will then have to search for your favorite song. Once you find it, you have to click on the download button following which the song will be downloaded in your personal library. You will then be able to listen to it as and when you feel like. Download Here 

    22. Beats Music

    This is another impressive option that you have when it comes to gaining access to free MP3 downloads. It offers you impressive music downloads free of cost.

    It is the perfect choice for those who like to ensure that their favorite music is downloaded at a fast rate. With this app, the user can enjoy as many as 20 million free music downloads with ease. It has a large database and thus, it is highly unlikely that you will not be able to find your favorite music. It is provided with an interesting concept, which sets it apart from the rest of the available options.

    To use the app, you need to have it installed and then select the preferred music from the list. You will then have to press the option of play, following which you will be able to see the music loading on your device. You can then press the download button and enjoy the songs with ease. Download Here 

    23. Spotify Music

    It is another appealing music downloader app for iPhone and other iOS devices. You can access your favorite music without having to go through any hassle and without any money being charged for the same.

    This is a platform which is greatly loved by all music lovers. With this app, you can listen to the recently released songs as well. You can use it to create your own playlist free of cost.

    It provides you with an impressive database and the quality of the songs that it provides is impressive. However, this app features ads which can be a source of annoyance. All that you would need to do once you install the app is search for your favorite music and download it while listening to it. The app also offers you to create a playlist that you can shuffle later. Download Here 

    24. iDownloader

    This app is not only an MP3 music downloader but a free MP4 music downloader as well. You can use it to download videos and it provides you with a web browser as well.

    The app is provided with quite a few impressive features due to which you can share your music with anyone. You will also find it easier to manage your favorite songs with this app.

    It has some rather interesting features that will make usage all the more fun for you. The extensive features make it more appealing. You can easily download it from the Play Store and once you do so, all that you would need to do is find your favorite song and download it. You can download more than one file at a time as well. Download Here 

    25. Music Free Download Pro

    This is among the advanced options that you have which you should use if you are looking to enjoy music in high quality on your phone. With this app, you can download multiple songs with a lot of ease.

    The app is capable of supporting any type of file and thus, you will be able to listen to your favorite songs with a lot of ease. Due to the integrated player, you will be able to listen to the songs anytime you feel like it.

    It has a user-friendly interface that makes it quite easy for you to use it. It is equipped with a player which increases convenience and you would not have to worry about the format of the song before downloading it.

    Once you install the app, you can browse your favorite song from the web browser and once you find the one you want to download, you just need to click on the download button and then the song will be added to your device. Download Here 


    These are some of the best options that you will find when it comes to attaining access to free music on all your gadgets. With the help of these services, you can be certain that you will not have a reason to complain. These apps and online sites are legal and completely free of cost. Thus, there is no hindrance that you will have to face. There is no protracted registration process that you will have to go through and no extensive steps involved. You will just need to select the medium you want to make use of and things will be good to go.

    It is essential to be a little cautious when it comes to selecting the app or online site that you intend to make use of. For one thing, you will need to ensure that it is reliable and legal. You would not want to land in any sort of trouble simply because of your love of music.

    This is why a little bit of caution is advised. To ensure that you do not end up using a source that is not appropriate and can turn out to be problematic for you in the future, you should take a look at the reviews that the sites and apps have attained.

    There is another thing that you will have to make sure while making use of these apps. Different apps are compatible with different devices. Before downloading an app, you should endeavor to find out if the app is suitable for the version of Android or iOS that you have. This will ensure that you do not end up wasting your time in downloading and installing an app that will not work for you in an optimal manner.

    You no longer have to be worried when it comes to listening to music. You can be confident that you can listen to your favorite music without any money being charged for the same. The music downloader options that you have will make it sure that you can gain access to any kind of music with a lot of ease. Listening to your music has never been easier, so shed all your inhibitions and make use of the options available. You will not be disappointed with what you are offered and will be able to enjoy music at your leisure.

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    Hot Popular

    Top 10 Funny Dares To Do With Friends

    Back in the days when the world was not as technologically equipped as it is now, children used to play outside more often. Of course, in this century, children of all ages know their way around smartphones, tablets, and various online applications which keep them busy.

    It leaves no time to play out in the sun or mount on bikes and race across the block. Times were much simpler without technology hogging all aspects of our lives. There were games such as hide and seek, thief and cop and tag that children used to play outside.

    In my experience, one of the best games to have existed was truth or dare.

    Truth and dare, also known as spin the bottle, entailed that all players are gathered in a circle around a bottle. One side of the bottle would be assigned question, and the other would be named answer. Someone would spin the bottle, and if the question side points toward a person, he would have to ask a question to the person at the other end of the bottle.Like good dares for your boyfriend.


    Best of all, it couldn’t be just any random question. The game required only one question to be asked: truth or dare? Picking truth as the answer would require the person to respond truthfully to the next question asked. However, the most exciting part of the game was choosing dare.

    It required the individual to complete a challenge! But wait there’s more; people would come up with the strangest, funniest, and often random challenges. Later on, these were laughed over and soon became fragments of our memory.

    So here’s the deal:

    Following is a list of ten crazy funny dares that would work well in a great truth or dare game. Of course, it isn’t necessary to play the game to act out these dares. Think about it. You can carry out any of these dares with your friends to liven up a dull day!

    1. The muggle world tour

    The muggle world tour Top 10 funny dares to do

    Anyone who is a Harry Potter fan would immediately want to try out this dare. Those of you who are unfamiliar with the word ‘muggle‘ should know it’s a term used to refer to a non-wizard in the Harry Potter books.

    The dare entails that a group of individuals dress up as wizard students while one dresses up as a professor from the Harry Potter books.

    The troupe then visits a department store such as Walmart, where they act as if they are on a school trip to the muggle world. The professor can show his students around, saying out loud, ‘Look, students, a muggle washing machine!’

    2. Time travel

    Time travel Top 10 funny dares to do

    This one is bound to get several laughs. The dare revolves around the insinuation of time travel being a reality. How? Well, it requires that you purchase a space-suit or an outfit that looks somewhat similar to it.

    Wear the suit and go out on the street. Stop a random person and ask them, with a confusing look on your face, ‘What year is it?’ When they respond, act all ecstatic and scream, ‘It worked, it worked! Oh God, wow!’ And then run off.

    It’ll be hard to keep a straight face with this one, but don’t give in!

    3. What’s up?

    What’s up? Top 10 funny dares to do

    It’s a very simple yet funny dare for two or more people. On a not-so-busy street, start walking. Stop suddenly in the middle of the crowd, look up to the sky with a confused expression plastered on your face and act as if you see something.

    Get a friend to join the action as well, both pointing above and saying out loud sentences such as, ‘Yeah, I see the thing you’re looking at.’ Or, ‘What is that thing, really?’But wait there’s more, the fun starts when random people join you and try to look for the ‘thing’ you see in the sky.

    4. Storytime

    Story time Top 10 funny dares to do


    This dare can get a little creepy if you think about it, but the real fun begins when the other person is taken aback. First of all, get hold of a children’s storybook, such as one of those nighttime bed stories.

    Go to a mall and walk up to a random adult. Hold up the storybook and look them in the eye with a very straight, expressionless face and say, ‘Would you like me to read you a story, boy/girl?’

    5. Monkey see, monkey do

    Monkey see, monkey do Top 10 funny dares to do

    It is somewhat similar to the popular kids’ pastime called ‘The Shadow Game.’ It entailed mimicking everything that the other person said. This dare, however, is a bit modified. It works best with strangers.

    Go to a store or mall, look around and find a target. Get nearer to that individual, enough so that they can notice you. Observe them carefully and then copy whatever they are doing.

    For example, if the stranger picks up a pair of blue jeans and observes it carefully, you should stand next to them and do the same thing. Let them notice you. Let them see that you’re mimicking them. In most cases, when strangers catch you in this act, it is likely to be followed by a big smile on their face.

    6. Missing person

    Missing person Top 10 funny dares to do

    This dare would prove to be a lot of fun if carried out properly with good acting and expressions. Take out your identification card and go to a mall or any other public place.

    Act all frantic and worried. With the ID card in your hand, take hurried steps, moving your head in different directions. Then walk up to a stranger, point to the picture on your ID card and ask in an anxious voice, ‘Have you seen this man (woman)?’

    The amusement lies in the bewildered looks people will give you. It will be fun to see what sort of reactions you get! Who knows, someone might play along as well.

    7. Park activities, out loud!

    Park activities, out loud! Top 10 funny dares to do

    This is crazy: Get a microphone and head to the park. Look around and observe people carefully. Now start speaking in the microphone. What should you say? Everything that you see. That’s right! Speak out loud about every action that is being undertaken by random strangers.

    For example, you might see a family on a picnic with the kids playing around while their father is rummaging through the basket. Describe it all out loud. People will think of you as a freak and you might get into a bit of trouble, but you will get a lot of laughs out of this one!

    Note: you need to provide captivating, accurate descriptions for the challenge to turn out great.

    8. Not guilty!

    Not guilty! Top 10 funny dares to do

    The beauty of this dare is that you just need an elevator as your stage. Whether the elevator is at the mall or in your apartment building, it doesn’t matter.

    Get into it and wait for your cue until there are only two people left in the lift: you and a stranger. Poke them! When they turn around and give you an unpleasant stare, shout, ‘I DID NOT DO IT, I SWEAR!’

    9. Tea party

    Tea party Top 10 funny dares to do

    It is a bit childish dare, but it’s hilarious if pulled off correctly. If the person has good acting skills, the result will leave you and your friends hysterical!

    Visit a toy store such as Toys R Us where there are stuffed animals and Barbie dolls for children. Often, such stores also sell a small table set with tiny chairs. Use the set if available; otherwise, the dare can work just easily on the floor.

    Gather a few stuffed toys and two/three dolls. Sit down (on the tiny chair or floor) and form a circle with toys. Now begin speaking to them, saying things such as, ‘Welcome to my birthday/tea party,’ or, ‘How are you all doing today?’Keep on pretending and wait for the salespersons at the store to react!

    10. Snow White’s apple

    Snow White’s apple Top 10 funny dares to do

    Everyone knows the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, so this dare will be easy to carry out. Go to a supermarket and pick up an apple. In an audible yet not-too-loud voice, start laughing wildly like a witch. Then look at the apple intensely and say, ‘I’ve got you now, precious!’

    To get the most laughs out of these dares, make sure that a group of friends is present at the scene with a camcorder or a phone which allows them to capture at-length videos! But before they rush to the venue with the person taking up the challenge, let them know that they have to be vigilant.

    They must not get seen or else the whole idea would not turn out to be that amusing. What’s the bottom line? Fool people, but don’t get caught!

    Later on,

    All dares can be compiled into one extensive, hilarious video as well. That in itself can serve as entertainment for your group of friends. Treat yourself and others to popcorn, hit play and start laughing at your idiocies!

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    Top Funny & Cute Cats Videos Compilation

    It’s insanely hard to hate a fur ball of joy or as some people like to call them, Cat. There are hundreds of thousands of domesticated cats living throughout the countries and they do all kind of stupid stuff and sometimes, we’re fortunate enough to get them recorded and share it with the good people of the internet.

    Keeping that in mind, we’ve compiled some of the best, funniest and most hilarious videos of cats doing stupid stuff.

    1. Cats Just Don’t Wanna Bathe! 

    All most everyone knows that the cat’s most fierce rival isn’t a dog or some other animal. It’s Water. Cats just absolutely hates water and when people make them bathe, they freak out!

    2. Cats Can Get High

    Cats aren’t the most reliable pets to have when it comes to their health and every once in a while, a trip to vet is needed. Sometimes, anesthetics are given to cat to numb them and their sense to avoid pain. Well, even after their operation, the effects of these drugs can last and they can be hilarious (Just don’t let them hurt themselves, a little comedy is fine)

    3. Scared and Dangerous

    Although you shouldn’t scare your beloved cats on purpose but when stuff like this happens accidentally, it’s pretty funny and adorable.

    4. What’s Up With Cucumber?

    Guys, we need a tested theory on why the cats are dead scared of harmless little cucumbers? Until then, enjoy the “jump” scare (no pun intended).

    5. Babies vs Cats

    Fun stuff is bound to happen when you combine two of the most innocent and cute things together.

    6. Adorable Cats Being Adorable

    Little kittens meowing all the way. Can’t think of anything cuter than this.

    7. Cats in Water. Again

    1 compilation of cats in water won’t do justice to the cause. We need more and here it is

    8. Creepy Human Cats

    Cats are extremely advanced and intelligent animals, nonetheless, it can be weird and fun watching them acting human-like.

    9. Cat Vines

    A worthy Vine compilation of cats. Watch’m, Laugh at’m. Delete’m.

    10. Because Cats

    A general compilation of cats being cats.

    I hope you like this videos, guys n girls. Comment to let us know and share with your friends/

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    Top 10 Cute Poems For Her To Wake Up To

    When the spark in the relationship seems to be missing

    I have 10 cute poems for her here in this article but you might be wondering why your relationship is no longer the same as it was in the beginning. Why is there no excitement? Where did the longing of meeting each other after a day of hard work go? If you think you are alone whose relationship goes through such a phase, you are gravely mistaken. Sadly, this is a problem which most couples seem to go through.

    Here’s why:

    Once your relationship passes a certain duration, you start taking things for granted. Things that had seemed cute to you once, now start appearing childish and immature. As if that’s not enough, you start spending less time with your partner.

    You see them as an integral part of your life, but you do not deem it necessary to let them know of the same. Think about it.

    When was the last time you gave your wife a rose just because you felt like it? How long has it been since you told her that you loved her out of the blue or complimented her for her looks? These are just a few examples that we are sharing.

    While you get busy with your work and she with hers, a wedge appears in the relationship and it continues to get deeper to the point that the damage becomes irreversible.

    If you do not want this to be the fate of your relationship, it is time to pull your socks up and do something about it.

    As it turns out,

    There is not even much that you will have to do. In my experience, it is not about the grand gestures but simple displays of affection.

    A good morning kiss, a sweet text message, a flower, and a simple gift are some gestures that you will find to be highly beneficial in getting that spark back in your relationship.

    See Also: Top 10 Sweet Poems For Her to Make Her Smile

    Words – An effective way to get the love back

    By now, you must be wondering what you should do. We are going to suggest you one way to bring a smile on your lady love’s face.

    The first instinct that you would get when you listen to the idea is that this is crazy and no way would anyone fall for such mushy stuff.

    But trust me,

    My experience tells me that this is a simple and efficient manner to start the day with a smile. You should wake her up with a cup of tea, which might not seem like such a big deal, but there’s more. The cup of tea should be accompanied by a note. You must be curious by now as to what the note would contain.

    The note should have a cute good morning poem for her. You can either write one yourself or make use of the ones written by someone else. If you are a bad writer,

    good news!

    We are going to share some of the best poems to wake up your lady love with.  Let us go through some of these poems now.

    The best good morning poems

    Are you having trouble selecting the best cute poem among the plethora of options available on the internet? No problem! We will make the task easier for you by narrowing down your options.

    1. So Happy and So Proud by Scott Sabatini:

    So Happy and So Proud Top 10 cute poems for her

    This poem is a way to let the girl in your life know just what she means to you and how you feel when she is away from you. It is the perfect proclamation of love.It is 1st of the 10 cute poems for her.

    2. If I Thought by Dana Schwartz:

    If I Thought Top 10 cute poems for her

    This is a poem that you can use to show your girl just what place she has in your life, how much you cherish every moment that you spend with her, and how you wish the rest of your life stays the same with her.2nd poem in top 10 cute poems for her.

    3. Hopelessly in Love by Keith Hank:

    Hopelessly in Love Top 10 cute poems for her

    With this poem, you can let your girl know about the changes that came in your life once she entered it and now you cannot imagine a life that she is not a part of.3rd poem in top 10 cute poems for her.

    4. I Love You by Ella Wheeler Wilcox:

    I Love You Top 10 cute poems for her

    If you are looking for a cute poem to let your partner know just how much you love her, this poem is the perfect one. It is filled with details regarding things that partners tend to love about each other.

    5. For Someone Special by Tommy B:

    For Someone Special Top 10 cute poems for her

    This cute poem is the perfect way to let your girl know that despite your hectic life and the chaos that surrounds it, she remains the most important thing in your life, whose importance triumphs everything else.

    6. Love at First Sight by Danielle C. Thomas:

    Love at First Sight Top 10 cute poems for her

    This cute poem recalls the moments when two lovers first meet and the blast of feelings that tends to engulf them at such times. Therefore, if you are looking to get the spark of the early days back in your life, this one would do the task.

    7. My True Love by Hailey L. Sturgill:

    My True Love Top 10 cute poems for her

    In this cute poem, the poet lets the lover know how much she loves him. You can use it to let your wife or girlfriend know the depth of your feelings.

    8. Would It Be Ok? by Ryan Stiltz:

    Would It Be Ok? Top 10 cute poems for her


    This is another beautiful example of how the poet lets the girl in his life know how much he yearns to spend some more time with her.This is best cute poem for her (according to me).

    9.My Everything by Emarah H:

    My Everything Top 10 cute poems for her

    This is a cute poem for her that you can use to appreciate the girl in your life. You can let her know that you realize everything she does for you and that you are truly grateful for it.

    10.A Toast to Forever by Josh Mertens:

    A Toast to Forever Top 10 cute poems for her

    This is the confirmation that two partners need to have, that they are in the relationship through thick and thin and they would not leave each other’s sides come what may. This poem is the perfect way to relay that feeling.

    A bit of work is all that is required

    There is one thing that needs to be clear when it comes to a relationship: What does it mean for you? There should be no doubt about it in your mind that you want to work on your relationship.

    Therefore, if you think that your relationship needs some time, you need to make a pledge that no longer will you take anything for granted. Every moment would be a beautiful memory and every day a special occasion.

    Once you are sure that this is what you want, nothing would seem too much and you would be willing to go to great lengths to give your relationship a new lease of life.

    There is no denying that love is not a slave of extravagant actions, but that is just one part of the story. What many people fail to realize is that this love needs to be expressed if only via simple gestures.

    It does not have to be a surprise party that you throw her. A simple dinner for two, even in your house, which is supported by a romantic environment would suffice.

    As it turns out, relationships are not complicated. If they do appear complicated, it is because of your own doing. We fail to realize the beauty of simplicity.

    We endeavor to make it all about materialistic things when the truth is that it is more about the gestures. Once we understand this, things do not seem so difficult.

    Give the relationship enough importance

    cute poems for her

    To give something importance, you need to be in the best frame of mind.


    Now is the time to let yourself relax. If you are feeling overworked and fatigued all the time, you would not be able to gather the energy to do something for your loved ones.

    Hence, take a break and treat yourself. Let yourself be relieved of all the stress and tension and sit down to think what you can do to make your relationship better. Simply stated, you will only be able to make others happy if you are at peace.

    Therefore, the first step is to ensure that you are satisfied with the space that you are in your life.

    On the other hand, it is equally important to ensure that your partner is on the same wavelength as you with regards to the future of the relationship.

    A relationship can only last if both partners are willing to work on it. Commence with simple gestures and see their effect. That would be sufficient to tell you where your relationship is headed and if you are on the right path.

    A little bit of an effort is all that is required to make some beautiful memories. Do not let go of this time. Once it passes, you will have nothing but regret as your companion.

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    Top 10 Sweet Poems For Her to Make Her Smile

    Unending Love Top 10 Sweet Poems for Her

    Throughout history, men are known to have conquered cities, bombarding through unknown lands and negotiating with one another. Communication skills and winning tactics have been deployed strategically. You would think that these would be the most difficult of all tasks to be undertaken by men.

    But alas,

    you are mistaken! You see, there is one aspect of life where men lose it all. What aspect is this? It’s love.

    When it comes to saying the three magical words that every woman longs to hear, men are known to have forgotten that they happen to have a tongue in their mouth. As if that’s not enough, many are so startled with the emotion that instead of acknowledging it, they live their days lying to themselves about how they feel for that special someone. But this is crazy.

    It is the simplest of tasks to utter ‘I love you’ because women are easy to please. They don’t ask much, which means even your smallest of gestures can take up the largest space in their hearts. In fact, there are about a million different ways to make your girl smile. Perhaps, one of the best ones is to serenade her with words.

    Following is a list of ten poems that are guaranteed to make her blush and grin from ear to ear. What does this mean for you? If you have a special lady in your life, you can read any of these to her.

    Even better,

    You can write them in letters to her and add a touch of old school romance to your lives.

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    1.She Walks in Beauty

    She Walks in Beauty Top 10 Sweet Poems for Her

    It is, by far, the most romantic of all poems written in English. It is one of sweet poems for her. It was composed by Lord Byron, who is the proud creator of quite many poetic masterpieces. He is known to have blessed the world with his creativity from 1788 to 1824. This particular poem is as lucid as day.

    Although the woman being spoken of in the piece is unknown and unnamed, Byron has beautifully captured her grace and charm in words. To him, her looks are akin to the starry skies, while her eyes reflect the soft light. To sum it up, the poet has painted with words the qualities of the ideal woman.

    If you happen to have come across your ideal woman, this could be the perfect way for you to express yourself to her!

    2.A Lady

    A Lady Top 10 Sweet Poems for Her

    Amy Lowell has written this poem in a manner as if the poet herself is speaking to the woman in question. It is the one of sweet poems for her. The American poet lived from 1874 to 1925. She has left behind quite some literary pieces in her name.

    This particular piece speaks of a mature lady who has aged gracefully over the years. Her beauty remains, while her eyes reflect a pure soul who has experienced the most in life. With powerful metaphors and imagery, Lowell presents a theme which revolves around the fact that age doesn’t define beauty.

    If you have been married to the love of your life and want to give her a gift of words, good news! You have found the perfect piece to praise her everlasting beauty and wisdom.

    3.Sonnet 130

    Sonnet 130 Top 10 Sweet Poems for Her

    This sonnet should need no introduction. Shakespeare is the personification of English literature. The classic poet has credited many verses with his name, but this particular poem is unique. Hilarity drips from the words as the poet knowingly discredits the woman who is the subject of the sonnet.

    As it turns out,

    Behind the strange and apparently offensive comparisons is the idea that love doesn’t need conceited ideas of beauty for it to be real. Women do not have to shine like the sun or smell like flowers for their beauty to be real. In a few twisted verses, Shakespeare presents the idea of real, true love, the one we experience.

    This is the most realistic way you can serenade your practical girl!

    4.How Do I Love Thee?

    How Do I Love Thee? Top 10 Sweet Poems for Her

    Elizabeth Barrett Browning was born on 6th March in 1806. The English poet lived out her creative days and passed away eventually on 29th June in 1861. With the use of symbols and excellent imagery, she composed this poetic masterpiece to revolve around the idea of love.

    Simply stated, the poem involves a speaker who is passionately expressing their affection for their lover. The speaker counts all the ways in which they have loved their soulmate, showing that love surrounds all aspects of their life.

    Elizabeth has blended the divine and the mortal together to portray the image of a lover being smitten to the point where they spend all hours of their days with their partner.

    5.The Passionate Shepherd to His Love

    The Passionate Shepherd to His Love

    It is credited to Christopher Marlowe, an English playwright, poet and translator, whose creativity was witnessed by the world from 1564 to 1593. The poetic verses are sweet and straightforward, depicting a shepherd’s declaration of love for his beloved. The speaker describes their life together and the love they’ll share for eternity.

    Narrating all the things he will do for her when they are finally united, the verses paint a beautiful picture of old-school love.

    But this is the modern era, right? It is easy to meet your lover every day and stay in constant communication. Therefore, you might be wondering how this poem fits in such times.


    Even in these modern times, there are a few couples who are separated by vast distances yet are holding on to each other. These verses are for them.Rekindle the love across the seas by penning these verses in a letter! This poem was best poem from sweet poems for her.


    Yours Top 10 Sweet Poems for Her

    Daniel Hoffman was a postmodern poet, born on 3rd April in 1923. He is best known for his literary criticisms. However, he has composed quite a few dramatic poems. One of them is ‘Yours.’ With a play of words, Hoffman depicts a lover’s confession.

    The narrator articulates how their beloved has become a necessity in their life and that they are nothing without their lover. The image presented is that of love found in historical times where loving someone meant belonging to them in every way.

    Of course,

    Times have changed since then, but all women still want to hear that the man they love is theirs forever. So read it out to your lady and remove all doubts in her mind about your love! It is bound to put a smile on her face.

    7.Life in a Love

    Life in a Love Top 10 Sweet Poems for Her

    The metrical composition revolves around the theme of love, fate, and freedom. Robert Browning, one of the most prominent Victorian poets, blessed the literary world with his ironic and dense poetry and plays from 1812 to 1889. Life in a Love is one of his short poems, which was published in 1855.

    Browning depicts a narrator speaking to a woman who seems to have left the place they shared together. The speaker is upset over her act yet hopeful that he’ll find her because to him, their love is the work of fate.

    The verses, thus, depict an everlasting and fiery love, driving the narrator to pursue his partner. In artistic words, Browning treads lightly upon the beautiful idea that when you love someone, you don’t give up on them. Using these verses to confess to her that you’ll always hold on will curl those lips into a smile.

    8.A Pretty Girl

    A Pretty Girl Top 10 Sweet Poems for Her

    It was penned down in plain language and verses by Raymond A. Foss. The contemporary poet came into this world in 1960 and since then, has contributed vastly to the world of English literature with his poetry.

    Here’s why ‘A Pretty Girl’ is one of his best pieces so far. The poem is short, simple, and sweet. As if that’s not enough, it portrays the image of an ordinary girl whose beauty is evident in her natural state of frolicking and arguing. The verses offer relief from the perfectly mannered woman thought to be ideal.

    In only thirteen verses, Foss shows us how a girl is beautiful when she’s herself. It makes this composition perfect if you want to profess how the ordinary aspects of your girl make her extraordinary.

    9.I Wanna Be Yours

    I Wanna Be Yours Top 10 Sweet Poems for Her

    If you’re looking for a way to sweep a girl off of her feet, this is the piece for you. It isn’t one of the classics, but it is filled with good humor and energy that is bound to make her smile.

    In every line, John Cooper Clarke illustrates the simplicity in love. He shows how the narrator begs of his partner to let him become ordinary items such as a raincoat to profess his feelings in unique yet simple ways.

    10.Unending Love

    Unending Love Top 10 Sweet Poems for Her

    Rabindranath Tagore was a Bengali polymath/poet who is known to have molded Bengali literature. His work normally includes the concept of time. Unending Love also brings time into reference as the speaker is seen to experience a love that is rekindled life after life.

    The verses reflect a universal love that knows no limit. This would prove to be a perfect wedding gift in case you happen to be a hopeless romantic.

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    Top 10 “I Love You” Poems For Him From The Heart

    Love is a complicated emotion. It is tough to wrap your head around the idea of being in love because it’s that one emotion that has found no proper, standard description as of yet. You see, everyone has their own perception of what love is supposed to be.

    When the magic strikes, all you can do is feel because when it comes to expressing love, words are at a loss. Simply stated, love is distressingly incredible. It’s incomplete without expression and sadly, only a few master the art of penning down the warmth felt in their heart.


    all hopeless romantics strive to put their hearts on their sleeves and more often than not, find words to be their solace. No wonder there are about a million love poems from both known and unknown poets.

    short i love you poems for him from heart

    Following is a list of some poems that found fame on the basis of the most confusing of all emotions – love. These poets wrote their hearts out for their lovers and made history in their own complicated ways.

    1. She Walks in Beauty

    She Walks in Beauty Top 10 “I Love You” Poems for Him

    This is a poem by Lord Byron, known to have blessed the world with his creativity from 1788 to 1824. It is, by far, the most romantic of all poems in the English language. Byron has written these verses about an unnamed woman, beautifully capturing her charm and elegance in mere words.

    Comparing her looks to the starry skies and her eyes to the tender light, the poet presents an epitome of beauty that is to be found in the ideal woman. No wonder the poem is such a hit with romantics professing their love or grooms making a speech on their wedding day! It is the perfect way to complement a woman – by praising her beauty creatively.

    By the way,

    Byron was notorious for debauchery and lustfulness, yet the words in his stanzas reflect a purity that negates it all. Innocence and simplicity are the two characteristics upon which rests the beauty of the woman, as evident from the verses.

    Lord Byron was quite the artist!

    2. I Carry Your Heart with Me

    I Carry Your Heart with Me Top 10 “I Love You” Poems for Him

    Another one of the classic romantic i love you poems for him , ‘I carry your heart with me’ was beautifully produced by E. E. Cummings. The Harvard poet is known to have lived a life of creativity from 1894 to 1962. In between these years, he penned the poem that is now recited by millions of lovers to assure their significant others that distance means nothing when two hearts are intertwined in love.

    The central idea of the poem revolves around separation. The poet repeatedly states how he carries his partner’s love in his heart, even when there are miles between them.

    He profusely expresses his love for his significant other, claiming how they are his entire world. It has a melancholic touch to it as well.

    The poet offers its readers a dismal picture of two lovers bound by distance while their hearts keep on yearning for each other.

    3. I Loved You First: But Afterwards Your Love

    I Loved You First: But Afterwards Your Love

    Unlike poets articulating misery over an unrequited love, Christina Rossetti speaks of a mutual love shared by two individuals. The English poet, renowned for penning down ballads and children’s poems, was born in 1830 and took her last breath in 1894.

    She is one of the few poets to have captured love in the purest of forms. It becomes evident from the verse, “For verily love knows not ‘mine’ or ‘thine’.”


    Rossetti sets out to explain that love is not selfish. Even better, it is the act of accepting one another, no matter the flaws. Loving another is not a duty or an obligation, and neither is it a debt to be repaid in kind.

    But wait, there’s more;

    She goes on to state that the grandeur emotion does not require lovers to be bound to one another. Rather, affection is said to be at its best when two individuals enable one another to be free.

    4. Valentine

    Valentine Top 10 “I Love You” Poems for Him

    This is a love poem by Carol Ann Duffy. Born on 23rd of December in 1955, the Scottish poet is well-known for speaking out against violence, gender issues, and oppression through her words.

    It is why her poetry is taught in schools so that the younger minds are nourished with good literature. Valentine happens to be one of her many love verses.

    You might be wondering,

    What makes this piece of work stand out from the others? Well, the key is uniqueness in expression. Carol presents unusual comparisons when it comes to exploring the concept of love. But that’s just one part of the story for the poet goes as far as challenging the traditional symbols of young love i.e. the red rose and the satin heart.

    Instead, she symbolizes onion, claiming it to be a more accurate reflection of true love. Read the poem to revel in the odd idea of love, eloquently presented by Duffy.

    5. A Glimpse

    A Glimpse Top 10 “I Love You” Poems for Him

    Walt Whitman is the proud producer of this masterpiece of romantic verses. The American poet/journalist lived from 1819 to 1892, blessing the poetic world with one metrical composition after another. Time and again, several writers have expressed love as being akin to a burning, earth-shattering passion.

    It’s true in several cases, but there exists a different kind of love as well. One that humbles you and offers comfort in the darkest of times. Whitman has portrayed that love, presenting a realistic picture of how two people manage to hold onto love in a life filled with everyday hustle and bustle.

    Even though the artistic piece is concise, it offers a complete image and idea of extraordinary love in an ordinary world. It is one of the best i love you poems for him.

    6. I Wanna Be Yours

    Wanna Be Yours Top 10 “I Love You” Poems for Him

    John Cooper Clarke is an English performance poet, born on 25th of January, 1949. He gained popularity during the 1970s punk rock era and has released a few albums since then. His poetry doesn’t classify as one of the standard pieces of literature.

    Here’s why:

    It is filled with humor and an energy that cannot be found in the classics. Every verse paints a different yet funny idea of what love is supposed to be. All throughout, the poet begs of his lover to let him be all these ordinary items through which he intends to profess his love in unique ways.

    For example,

    The second stanza has the poet asking his lover to let him be a rain coat so that he may be there for them on their rainy days. The entire composition is simple, yet the grandeur of love has been preserved. Truly a masterpiece!

    7. Another Valentine

    Another Valentine Top 10 “I Love You” Poems for Him

    Composed by Wendy Cope, this piece of poetry is perfect if you cannot find the words to express your feelings to the love of your life on Valentine’s Day. Written from the perspective of two individuals beloved to one another, the central theme revolves around what the lovers’ holiday entails.

    It starts out as a criticism of how Valentine’s Day can feel like an unnecessary obligation for a lover.

    Fair enough,

    Since the feeling is relatable. However, the poem progresses with the narrator eventually warming up to the idea of a specific day set out just to confess and share affection.

    8. Sonnet 116

    Sonnet 116 Top 10 “I Love You” Poems for Him

    It is one of the many famous sonnets composed by Shakespeare. Apart from the fact that it is a beautiful piece, the renowned literary poet’s credibility also leads the sonnet’s entry into classic literature.

    In this poetic work, Shakespeare lives up to his reputation of presenting a quintessential idea of love – the concept that love never fades away.

    He portrays how the purest of emotions, love and affection, aren’t tainted by any flaws. As if that’s not enough, the classic poet goes on to express how nothing can put an end to true love, not even death. He brings new meaning to the phrase “till death do us part.”

    In beautifully phrased words, he further talks about understanding and trust being pillars upon which love stands and commends lovers who accept one another with total honesty and freedom.

    9. The Good-Morrow

    The Good-Morrow Top 10 “I Love You” Poems for Him

    John Donne penned this poem in his early days as a poet. it is one of the top i love you poems for him. It was published, however, in 1963 in his collection ‘songs and sonnets.’

    The world witnessed the English poet’s creativity not only during his lifetime, from 1572 to 1631, but also after his passing. The Good-Morrow is narrated from the point of view of a lover as he awakens and addresses his partner after spending the night with them.

    It combines sensual and spiritual love and in between, the poet also makes biblical references. Although a short piece of literature, it possesses a remarkable depth of meaning.

    10. Love After Love

    Love After Love Top 10 “I Love You” Poems for Him

    Derek Walcott is known to have written this artistic piece. Born in 1930, the Caribbean poet/writer was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1992.

    Although he has a vast collection of poems to his name, ‘Love After Love’ is a unique one. It is meant to resonate with someone who has felt the anguish of heartbreak, so for those of you suffering in the name of love, it’s good news! These verses are written just for you. Discover yourself and learn how to love again through Walcott’s soothing and poetic verses.

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    Top 10 Funny Prank Call Ideas For 2017

    Top 10 Funny Prank Call Ideas for 2016

    Whenever a group of friends is hanging out, an amusing pastime has to be prank calling. I’m sure all of us have prank called somebody once or twice at some point in their lives and laughed about it.

    It’s always fun to prank call someone, whether it’s your crush, teacher, or some random person you don’t even know! You have to admit, it’s also sometimes amusing for a person to receive a prank call if they have a good sense of humor.

    At times,

    you may run out of ideas on how to fool somebody over the phone. Surely, you cannot repeat the same tricks over and over again. This article will cover the top ten best funny prank call ideas in 2017 so that all your jokes are fruitful and hilarious as ever!

    10.The confusing pizza order

    The confusing pizza order Top 10 Funny Prank Call Ideas for 2017

    Ordering a pizza is a piece of cake and since there are numerous outlets everywhere, competition is fierce. However, it never hurts to mess around with them. Call up Pizza Hut and begin to describe the type of pizza you want.

    Describe the flavor, size, serving, and toppings with vivid details. After the entire description, ask them if this kind of pizza is available at Domino’s and ask for their number.

    As if that’s not enough,

    You can also begin your statement by saying something along the lines of “Oops, doesn’t Domino’s sell that pizza?” or “Oh no, I didn’t know you were Pizza Hut. I thought you were Domino’s!” The operator will surely stammer at first before he can think of hanging up the phone.

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    9.Who are you? Who am I?

    Who are you? Who am I? Top 10 Funny Prank Call Ideas for 2017

    These prank calls will always remain a classic. Call a random person or someone you know and hold a casual conversation. Try to see if the other person is playing along. Ask them about their day, how they are doing, how their life is going, and much more.

    After each question,

    They’ll possibly ask you “Who is this?” or “What do you mean?” Here’s the deal: if you want to scare the person, make sure it’s somebody you know. That way you can state some personal facts about them for example where they live or where they work or study.


    You can also throw in random statements like “I’ve always loved you” and “Why don’t you believe me?” to make the call sound more dramatic and infuriating for the person facing the prank.

    8.House of murder

    House of murder Top 10 Funny Prank Call Ideas for 2017

    This prank call should be handled carefully with an expert’s supervision. Pick up your phone and call a random number. Talk to the person who has received your call and tell them that you are the previous owner of the house in which they live.

    When they are beginning to believe you, inform them that the police is about to reach the house within an hour for a random investigation. Command them in a strict manner not to let the cops check the cupboard in the basement. This order will startle them, and they will question you. In response, tell them, “You see, I killed my girlfriend and hid her body in that cupboard.

    If the police find it,

    The blame’s on you because I’m going into hiding. Have a good day!” By now, you should hang up with an evil laugh. For a dramatic effect, play some suspenseful tunes in the background.

    7.Would you prefer a blonde or a brunette?

    Would you prefer a blonde or a brunette? Top 10 Funny Prank Call Ideas for 2017

    These prank calls are nothing but hilarious. Dial a random phone number and act like an operator from an online shopping website. When the phone call is received, immediately start talking very fast about the company and introduce yourself as an outstanding executive.

    Congratulate the person for placing the 100th (or maybe 1000th) order on the website and for this, they will receive a surprise reward. At first, the person (or should I say ‘customer’?) will be slightly confused and ask you what is going on.

    You can ignore their concerns and jump right into the order and the complimentary surprise gift. You can tell them that their order involves an hour with a foreign dancer and for the surprise reward, they can choose whether the other dancer is a blonde or a brunette.

    You know what?

    The amusing side is that at times, people do confirm their order by selecting one!

    6.The secret affair

    The secret affair Top 10 Funny Prank Call Ideas for 2017

    In my experience, these types of prank calls are an excellent way to find out many secrets. The process is quite straightforward. First, act like you are calling from a radio station with a chance to dedicate a song to their other half (girlfriend/boyfriend).


    If they are in a relationship, they will jump at the thought of the idea and quickly tell you the name and the song they would like to dedicate. Now break the news to them. Tell them you’re their girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s friend and their partner is shocked that you mentioned someone else’s name.

    Best of all,

    You can also tell them that their other half is leaving them! This prank will leave people utterly confused and bewildered for quite some time.

    5.The break-up advisor

    The break-up advisor Top 10 Funny Prank Call Ideas for 2017

    Your storytelling skills will be tested with this prank call. Dial a random person’s number and in an urgent tone, tell them you need their help. Once you ignore their questions about who you are and manage to keep them on the line, begin the story about your girlfriend/boyfriend fighting with you.

    Keep adding extra details to spice up the situation. Even better, ask for their time and patience so that they can give you unbiased advice. Meanwhile, let your victim stutter and stammer as you go on whining about your fake break-up.

    As if that’s not enough,

    You can also play melodramatic and depressing songs in the background for extra effects.Some examples may include Adele’s Hello or Someone Like You or Gotye’s Now You’re Just Somebody That I Used to Know. You can also sing along to make the entire situation more amusing.

    4.You’re out of toilet paper!

    You're out of toilet paper! Top 10 Funny Prank Call Ideas for 2016

    Restaurants and cafes like to be extremely proper when it comes to customer service. This prank involves you fooling a restaurant manager. Call the fanciest restaurant in your city and wait for an operator to come on the line.

    Naturally, they will first ask if you want a reservation, whether you are expecting someone, and things like that. After they have completed their introduction and formalities, pause for a while. Then, in a hushed tone, tell them something along the lines of “I’m stuck in your washroom! I can’t come out since there’s no toilet paper. Two will be great, please!”

    By the way,

    This prank is ten times more amusing than it sounds, so try not to laugh after making your statement or else your joke will be exposed immediately. Try to keep fooling them and eventually, hang up the phone, leaving the person on the other line shocked and bewildered.

    3.You’re calling me!

    You're calling me! Top 10 Funny Prank Call Ideas for 2017

    Pulling this prank with older people is much more entertaining. Call up a random person and ask why they called you. The person on the other line will suddenly get furious; there is no doubt about it. You can repeat this multiple times and eventually, the victim will hang up the phone.

    If you are incredibly bored that day, you can call them from a different number and go through the entire process again. On one of your final calls, you can also threaten the person by saying that you will report them to the police if you get another call.

    You can try this prank on different people to see the variations in their reactions.

    2.Is your phone working?

    Is your phone working? 10 Funny Prank Call Ideas for 2017

    The ‘is your phone working?’ call is another amusing prank if you want to get on your friend’s nerves. Call up a friend and pretend to be someone from the telephone company.

    Tell them that this is a monthly check to see if their phone is working properly. Ask them to repeat whatever you are saying so that you can hear them and make sure the phone service is operational. You can get them to say silly words and phrases which they might find irritating.

    Some of them may include “I shower with my monkey every day” or “the other day my dog ate my homework. Again!” What’s more, towards the end of the call you can ask them to repeat one last sentence that could be something like “I’m the idiot who fell for this fake phone testing service.”

    1.The survey

    The survey 10 Funny Prank Call Ideas for 2017

    Everyone finds those phone calls incredibly irritating where the operator is trying to convince you to take a survey. The survey prank call is another hilarious way to annoy someone to the maximum.

    Call a random number and try to sound interesting regarding the set of questions you are about to ask them so that they don’t hang up immediately.

    Then, ask them whatever comes to your mind. Some ridiculous questions may include “have you ever eaten a 4-year-old’s candy?”, “have you ever eaten ice cream with ketchup?” or “did you watch the latest episode of Baywatch?” (Even though we know that series came out years ago). The answer you will receive will make you laugh for days.

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    Top Ten Best Black Actors You Should Know

    Will Smith Top ten best black actors you should know

    Every time we glance at the media, we see new stars. The film and television industry is booming with new talented individuals who are making the screen even more entertaining and enjoyable.

    There is no doubt that change and variety are something that the media needs. Along with this, we should also not forget about the real legends who have paved their way into the film world. Even though there are numerous renowned actors and actresses, not all of them get the credit they deserve.

    Think about it;

    Many legendary black actors don’t seem to get enough recognition. As it turns out, the black stars that this article will be covering are on the best in the industry and have made some classic films. Following is a list of the top ten black actors that you all should know.

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    1. Morgan Freeman

    Morgan Freeman Top ten best black actors you should know

    With a strong sense of dialogue and peaceful attitude, Morgan Freeman has managed to win respect and popularity in the American cinematic industry. Freeman was born on June 1, 1937, in Memphis, Tennessee.

    He worked as a mechanic for the US Air Force from 1955 to 1959. After that, the youngster went to Los Angeles City College.


    His first onstage experience was acting in an all African-American play called Hello, Dolly! Till the 1970s, Morgan continued his drama career and won many awards like Drama Desk and Clarence Derwent awards for his fantastic stage play. He began his television career in 1971 with famous works like Easy Reader, Count Dracula, and Mel Mounds.

    As if that’s not enough,

    The talented actor also got his first Oscar nomination in 1987 for Street Smart and second Oscar nomination in 1989 for the film version of Driving Miss Daisy. He has appeared in many other award-winning movies and has been an inspiration for other upcoming actors.

    2. Denzel Washington

    Denzel Washington Top ten best black actors you should know

    Denzel Washington (also known as Denzel Hayes Washington, Jr.) is another powerful black actor who deserves more recognition than he receives. Washington was born on December 28, 1954, in New York. After high school, he immediately planned to attend Fordham University to pursue a career in journalism. While he was acting in a college dramatics event, he began to enjoy the limelight.

    As it turns out,

    By the time he graduated, he had decided to move to San Francisco and attend the ACT (American Conservatory Theatre).

    Denzel’s first official role as a paid actor was in the play Wings of the Morning held at St. Mary’s City, Maryland. His character’s name was Mathias Da Sousa. After his beginning roles, his acting began to be appreciated in abundance.

    He could act out a great variety of different scenes and had a strong sexual presence. Due to these talents, he quickly found many films to star in. He got Oscar nominations for Malcom X (1992) and The Hurricane (1997) and won in 2002 for Training Day (2002).

    3. Will Smith

    Will Smith Top ten best black actors you should know

    Willard Carroll ‘Will’ Smith, Jr. has received numerous awards and was declared Hollywood’s most powerful actor by Newsweek in April 2007.

    But wait there’s more;

    Not only is he an actor, but he also qualifies as a comedian, rapper, songwriter, and producer.

    He has been nominated for two Academy Awards, five Golden Globe awards, and has won four Grammy awards! He was born on September 25, 1968. It’s a rumor that he did not attend college because he wanted to keep his passion alive for rapping.

    Will Smith is the only actor in Hollywood who has eight continuous movies which have crossed over $100 million and eleven movies which have passed over $150 million worldwide! According to Forbes, he’s the most bankable actor in the world.

    4. Samuel L. Jackson

    Samuel L. Jackson Top ten best black actors you should know

    This renowned actor has starred amazingly in more than a hundred movies. Some famous ones include Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995), Snakes on a Plane (2006), and the popular Star Wars prequel trilogy (1999-2005).

    In the 1970s, Morgan Freeman accompanied Jackson while joining the Negro Ensemble Company. He became popular in the 80s after three films: Do the Right Thing, Mo’ Better Blues, and Jungle Fever.

    The films that made him stand out and are some of his classics works in the 90s are Jurassic Park and True Romance.Before his Die Hard with a Vengeance film, he usually went for bad guy roles.

    Best of all,

    He was an inspiration for the Marvel’s character, Nick Fury. He has also been a part of voice roles for various Pixar films such as The Incredibles (2004).

    5. Laurence Fishburne

    Laurence Fishburne Top ten best black actors you should know

    Laurence Fishburne is one of the most diverse actors of Hollywood. He was born on July 30, 1961, in Augusta, Georgia. This is crazy, but he was in the spotlight at such a young age as he acted in his first play (In My Many Names and Days) in Manhattan when he was just a ten-year-old.

    But wait there’s more;

    even though he did not receive any formal education regarding acting, he won his first award when he was a twelve-year-old. Laurence got an Oscar nomination with Angela Bassett for their 1993 movie, What’s Love Got to Do With It.

    What’s more is that he has always played intriguing roles in films that people did not find as interesting. In 2008, he played the male lead in Crime Scene Investigation and replaced William Peterson.

    6. Eddie Murphy

    Eddie Murphy Top ten best black actors you should know

    As an intelligent child who spent most of his time living on the streets, he acquired less book knowledge and more skills in stand-up comedies. He was born in Brooklyn, New York on April 3, 1961. At an early age of fifteen, he had already attracted the downtown New York audience with his spot-on stand-up comedies and impressions of famous figures.

    Murphy polished his comedian skills further when Not Ready for Prime Time Players of Saturday Night Live (1975) offered him a contract at the age of nineteen. Coming to America (1988) seemed to fail along with his Harlem Nights (1989).


    After a few more films, he was back on track, including the famous Nutty Professor (1996). Eddie Murphy had a few ups and downs, but as it turns out, he has learned and groomed himself to quite an extent over the years as a successful comedian. He was also nominated for an Oscar for Dreamgirls (2006).

    7. Forest Whitaker

    Forest Whitaker Top ten best black actors you should know

    Forest Whitaker has numerous achievements lined up. The one that leads them all is his 6’2″ and 220 lb body! He was born in Longview, Texas on July 15, 1961. He has won various awards which include an Academy Award for his role as a Ugandan dictator in The Last King of Scotland (2006).

    He also won a Golden Globe and BAFTA for the same film. After Sidney Poitier, Jamie Foxx, and Denzel Washington, Whitaker is the fourth African-American to win an Academy Award for best actor.

    In the beginning,

    His focus was on sports as he attended college on a football scholarship. He eventually found his way to acting through music and stage play. His television career began with shows like Diff’rent Strokes (1978) and Cagney and Lacey (1981).

    Whitaker has received the most fame and awards for The Last King of Scotland (2006). He also got a star on the Hollywood Walk in 2007.

    8. Danny Glover

    Danny Glover Top ten best black actors you should know

    Danny Glover is a phenomenal actor and a remarkable philanthropist. We have watched him on stage, screen, and television for more than 25 years now. He was born on July 22, 1946, in San Francisco, California.

    Most of his acting skills are from training at the Black Actors’ Workshop of the American Conservatory Theatre, which also led him to get his first Oscar nomination for Places in the Heart (1984).

    He has started in many other award-winning films such as The Color Purple, Lethal Weapons, To Sleep With Anger, and Missing in America. Besides acting, he has emphasized quite a lot on healthcare, economic crises, and education in the US and Africa.

    He was also a Goodwill Ambassador for UNDP during 1998-2004.

    9. Sidney Poitier

    Sidney Poitier Top ten best black actors you should know

    Poitier did not have such a lavish childhood as we would all expect. He was born in Miami on February 20, 1927, even though he was a native of Cat Island in the Bahamas. Poitier was adamant on removing the differences between the locals and Africans in America.

    After he had been rejected in an audition, he spent six months enhancing his accent and acting. The good news is that they accepted him on his second try.

    As it turns out,

    within some time, he had to choose between major roles that he was offered. He finally achieved his goals of removing the difference between Africans and Americans with his films Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1967) and To Sir, With Love (1967).

    10. Cuba Gooding Jr.

    Cuba Gooding Jr. Top ten best black actors you should know

    Cuba Gooding Jr. was an incredibly bright child while growing up. He attended four high schools and was class president in three of them! He was born in New York on January 2, 1968. Before going towards acting, for three years, Cuba practiced Japanese martial arts.

    His first major film was Boyz n the Hood (1991) followed by some successful hits such as Lightening Jack (1994) and Outbreak (1995). Cuba won an Academy Award for Jerry Maguire (1996). He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2002.