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Top Funny & Cute Cats Videos Compilation

It’s insanely hard to hate a fur ball of joy or as some people like to call them, Cat. There are hundreds of thousands of domesticated cats living throughout the countries and they do all kind of stupid stuff and sometimes, we’re fortunate enough to get them recorded and share it with the good people of the internet.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve compiled some of the best, funniest and most hilarious videos of cats doing stupid stuff.

1. Cats Just Don’t Wanna Bathe! 

All most everyone knows that the cat’s most fierce rival isn’t a dog or some other animal. It’s Water. Cats just absolutely hates water and when people make them bathe, they freak out!

2. Cats Can Get High

Cats aren’t the most reliable pets to have when it comes to their health and every once in a while, a trip to vet is needed. Sometimes, anesthetics are given to cat to numb them and their sense to avoid pain. Well, even after their operation, the effects of these drugs can last and they can be hilarious (Just don’t let them hurt themselves, a little comedy is fine)

3. Scared and Dangerous

Although you shouldn’t scare your beloved cats on purpose but when stuff like this happens accidentally, it’s pretty funny and adorable.

4. What’s Up With Cucumber?

Guys, we need a tested theory on why the cats are dead scared of harmless little cucumbers? Until then, enjoy the “jump” scare (no pun intended).

5. Babies vs Cats

Fun stuff is bound to happen when you combine two of the most innocent and cute things together.

6. Adorable Cats Being Adorable

Little kittens meowing all the way. Can’t think of anything cuter than this.

7. Cats in Water. Again

1 compilation of cats in water won’t do justice to the cause. We need more and here it is

8. Creepy Human Cats

Cats are extremely advanced and intelligent animals, nonetheless, it can be weird and fun watching them acting human-like.

9. Cat Vines

A worthy Vine compilation of cats. Watch’m, Laugh at’m. Delete’m.

10. Because Cats

A general compilation of cats being cats.

I hope you like this videos, guys n girls. Comment to let us know and share with your friends/

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